CJ’s new Publisher Service Agreement


In case you missed it, or are not quiet sure what all the fuss is about then it’s worth a click to visit ABW and learn what has many affiliates rather upset about the changes that go into place on Oct 20.

The whole event takes me back to when LinkShare also made changes to their agreements (though not as far reaching as the CJ ones) and had affiliates up in arms, at that time LinkShare listened to their partners, decided that some of the copy and definitions were indeed ill phrased and made changes. Winning friends and praise for being strong enough to make those changes.

So will CJ also react to the questions and concerns that have been raised on a wide range of issues…or is Oct 20th a date cast in stone when the new Commission Junction Publisher Service Agreement will go into effect… without listening or reacting….

Issues that have people concerned are mainly

  1. Merchants can reverse orders going back any length of time
  2. Affilates are bound to defend, indemnify and hold CJ and Advertisers harmless
  3. CJ not allowing itself to be held responsbile for down time and lost tracking
  4. That all affilate sites must have a privacy policy.
  5. Changes to the conditions under which an account can be deactivated.
  6. …and more…

There’s a good summary of the changes posted here on jangro.com. If you’ve not read the new PSA yet then you’d be well advised to do so