Pierced Body

Pierced Body is a provider of ‘near wholesale’ price body jewelry. Selling around 1,300 different items at any time to a global audience. Their main focus is on the UK, Australian, US and Canadian markets.

Situation : Pierced Body was a new site with no in house marketing capacity and no marketing budget. They were looking for a fast entry into the market, with minimal up front costs and a pure ROI based marketing campaign. The only marketing that fit their bill was an Affiliate Marketing program

Proposal : There was little to review in the way of Pierced Body sales. The site launched in December 2002 and had no track record of any note when AMWSO were consulted in February of 2003, at this time AMWSO proposed

  1. Low Cost Network : It was recommended that ShareASale.com be selected as the Affiliate Network, with a low entry point and no fixed monthly fees, it offered a no risk proposition to test out affiliate marketing, while also offering a respected network to work with.
  2. Parasite Free : It was recommended that Pierced Body take an Anti-Parasite stance, as the ShareASale.com has a similar stance it would be very easy to enforce.
  3. Bonus Budget : Being a new site in a crowded market place it was suggested that Pierced Body consider budget to finance a number of fun and target based contests through out 2003 with the aim of attracting affiliates with the chance of winning extra cash.
  4. Dedicated Forums : Pierced Body were also recommended to open a dedicated forum on ABestWeb.com

Results : Pierced Body total sales grew from $1,000 in February to $20,000 in July of 2003, with 70% of the sales coming from affiliates. Pierced Body ran a number of bonuses on their dedicated forum which attracted a number of key players. Their Anti Parasite stance attracted solid affiliates from other body jewelry programs.

Due to affiliate marketing, Pierced Body covered it’s full development, design, and set up costs within 4 months and was fully profitable by July 2003. Pierced Body has been profitable every month since July 2003 and showed that even with a limited budget and on a smaller network, an affiliate program can drive a retail site to profitability

As of this moment the Affiliate Program is fully managed by AMWSO.

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