Panda Security

An Affiliate Marketing Case Study :

The Panda Security Anti Virus and Software Affiliate Program.

Panda Security Case Study

Panda Security is a global leading provider of IT security solutions, with millions of clients in more than 200 countries and products available in 23 languages. Panda’s mission is to develop and supply global security solutions to keep clients’ IT resources safe from the damage inflicted by viruses, intruders and other Internet threats at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership. Panda Security proposes a new security model, specially designed to firmly combat new types of cyber-crime. This results in technologies and products with much greater detection and efficiency rates than the market average, providing a higher level of security to users.

Panda Security has various product lines, for companies and home users: security software, security appliances and managed security services. All of Panda’s solutions are backed by tech support, made up of an expert team of professionals available at all times. Recent milestones in technology and innovation: Panda’s corporate slogan; One step ahead, sums up the competitive advantage that has characterized the company from the start: a commitment to continuous innovation and change, a capacity to keep one step ahead in the fight against computer threats.

2007 saw the development of a new security model based on the combination of HIPS + In-depth Audits, which goes beyond and complements the traditional signature-based model and provides a much more effective response to new types of cyber-crime.


When Panda Security USA first contacted AMWSO in Q2 2005 the affiliate program had already been running for over a year on Commission Junction. The affiliate program was getting very little traction through the network and had lost large amounts of money due to affiliate fraud.

Panda Security determined that its affiliate program would be better managed by a professional affiliate management company. An exhaustive research and selection process was executed to find an organization with the capacity, professionalism, and track record to manage their program. There was only one company that continually showed all of these abilities to Panda; AMWSO. In June 2005 AMWSO was awarded with the contract to manage the Panda Security USA affiliate program.


AMWSO conducted an exhaustive needs assessment review of the Panda Security affiliate program. After AMWSO had a thorough understanding of Panda’s overall goals for its affiliate program, it was decided that a 1 full time AMWSO affiliate manager [James Nardell] would manage the program.

It was decided that the following issues needed to be addressed immediately:

Affiliate Recruitment/Activation: Panda wanted AMWSO to recruit super affiliates and boost sales through the affiliate channel. Additionally, Panda wanted to see results through the 2,000+ affiliates who had signed up to the affiliate program through Commission Junction but were not driving impressions/clicks/sales.

  • Clean up: It was recommended that Panda Security formulate a progressive Anti-Parasite stance and remove any affiliates that may have been participating in parasitic activity. Additionally, AMWSO would work with Panda to eliminate affiliate fraud.
  • The affiliate program had very little tools available for affiliates to promote Panda’s software. Panda also wanted assistance on developing tools to offer affiliates [and therefore boost conversion rate through the affiliate channel].
  • Trademark Protection: Panda wanted AMWSO to protection the Panda trademark through the affiliate channel.
  • Coupon Campaigns: It was recommended that Panda create and distribute coupons.


A contract was designed that tied the affiliate manager dedicated to the Panda Security contract, directly to the revenue earned by the affiliate program. Resources were brought to bear on developing the creative needs of the contract as well as key support tools for affiliates including; CJ trackable 30 day trials of Panda’s software, CJ trackable video files that promoted Panda and the software, an affiliate support site, a dedicated forum through and more.

To date the Panda Security affiliate program has grown by well over 1,000% in total affiliate generated sales per month, with March 2008 seeing the total increase peak to over 1,800% in affiliate generated sales. The number of earning affiliates and the number of active affiliates has grown exponentially from when AMWSO took over the management of the affiliate program to date. [There have been very few months from July 2005 to date where either the number of earning affiliates or the number of active affiliates has dropped month-on-month.]


Panda Security and AMWSO look forward to a promising future together with a number of new projects on the horizon, and the prospect of growing the program into new and emerging affiliate segments.

The Panda Security affiliate program continues to be fully managed by AMWSO.

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