NetMagazines is one of the top three retailers of magazine subscriptions online. Selling over 1,000 magazine titles to a global audience. Their main focus is on the US and Canadian markets.

Situation : The NetMagazines affiliate program had been running since 1999 on Commission Junction. The management decided to migrate their program from Commission Junction to LinkShare in order to achieve the maximum growth possible. At this time they also approached AMWSO with a view to having the affiliate program professionally managed.

Proposal : After a review of the status of the affiliate program and the overall goals of NetMagazines it was decided that :

  1. Migration : The planned migration from Commission Junction to LinkShare would go ahead as planned with AMWSO supporting the set up and migration of present affiliates to LinkShare.
  2. Management : With the program presently partially managed by NetMagazines staff, it was decided that the job could be better done if given a dedicated manager
  3. Clean up : It was recommended that NetMagazines formulate a progressive Anti-Parasite stance and remove any affiliates that may have been participating inparasitic activity whatsoever.
  4. Development : It was also recommended that NetMagazines review the potential of using AMWSO’s development team to further the development of not only the affiliate program but also the NetMagazines site itself.

Results : NetMagazines elected to go with a dedicated manager from AMWSO and to take full advantage of the AMWSO’s development skills. A contract was design that tied the team dedicated to the NetMagazines site, directly to the revenue earned by the AMWSO affiliate management team. This meant resources could be brought to bare on developing the core site functional development as and other creative needs as well as key support tools for affiliates, including custom data feeds, support site, dedicated forum and more.

Over a period of 8 Months the NetMagazines Affiliate Program grew by just over 300% in total affiliate generated sales per month, with Christmas 2003 seeing the total increase peak to over 400% in affiliate generated sales

As of this moment the Affiliate Program is fully managed by AMWSO with the core site development also fully managed by AMWSO.

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