Mondera is a leading online jewelry retailer. Selling high end bridal jewelry and diamonds to a global customer base. Their main focus is on the US and Canadian markets.

Situation : The Mondera affiliate program had been running since late 2000 on After an initial boom the affiliate program had gradually stagnated and ended up with only 8-10 earning affiliates and was losing money. By 2002 the average total monthly sales by affiliates were in the region of $50,000 US. While in the early days the affiliate program had been actively managed, it had been left to fend for itself in the cut backs that followed the end of the Dot Com boom. AMWSO was approached in late 2001 to review the Mondera affiliate program.

Proposal : After a one month review of the Mondera affiliate program, the key failings were identified and a three point action plan was put forward to the Mondera management.

  1. Network : The contract with BeFree was unprofitable, the network management fees were costing more than the profit made by sales, also being based overseas, the BeFree affiliate management application made it slow and awkward to manage data. It was therefore recommended that Mondera move away from BeFree to a network that was Web Based and offered a better price structure
  2. Management : As with many affiliate programs, the Mondera Management had mistakenly believed that their affiliate program would run by itself. It was therefore recommended that a full time manager be put in place to manage the affiliate program.
  3. Support : The affiliates were unsupported, they were being given no guidance and no tools to use. The assigning of an Affiliate Manager to run the program would also resolve this issue
  4. Clean up : Of the 10 affiliate making sales for Mondera, it was found that 3 were using Parasitic marketing methods to overwrite and steal from other affiliates. It was recommended that Mondera take an Anti-Parasite stance and remove the associated affiliates

Results : Mondera elected at that time to outsource the full management of the affiliate program to AMWSO. The contract included development and design support staff as well as the Affiliate Manager. This meant resources could be brought to bare on developing key support tools for affiliates, including custom data feeds, selling guide, support site, dedicated forum and more.

Over a period of 18 Months the Mondera Affiliate Program grew from $50,000 a month in sales to an average of $320,000 in total affiliate generated sales per month, with Christmas 2003 seeing $550,000 in affiliate generated sales

As of this moment the Affiliate Program is still partially managed by AMWSO, with a hand over of some key tasks being made to the Mondera team after training by AMWSO.


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