Business, Pleasure and Passion


I pretty much avoid doing any kind of business for friends, I’d rather refer them elsewhere than have them as clients, friends as a general rule, make for poor clients and it can put a horrible amount of stress on the friendship. But, every now and again, along comes a project that bends the rules. Such was the case when my friend Tod Deware came to me and asked for help developing his business for him.  Tod is a “fix anything” sort of guy, electrics, car, pumps, painting, floor, roof, you name it Tod can fix it, build it and make it. Tod discovered a passion a few months ago, painting war game miniatures. And playing miniature war games is a passion of mine. So putting together our passions seemed like a good idea. So we have worked with Tod to develop his site, get his blog running, build up a photo album, kick off his PPC campaign and I’m sure not far away will be an affiliate program.  So far so good, Tod enjoys his new project, I enjoy his new project and so with our dual passions in play, we have high hopes for his business. The aff program is pending, but till then please do enjoy Tod’s miniature painting service site and the painted models themselves. And if you’re a lazy gamer like me, do feel free to drop him a mail for pricing, and ask for the “chris says I can have a discount” special :)