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Discover how 13 bloggers earnt their revenue

Discover how 13 bloggers from travel, food, crafts, games development & internet marketing made over $88,000 this month. They are spilling their beans! – From the Matthew Woodward Blog

This is a great look at how thirteen very different bloggers from a range of focus areas are making money online through their blogs. It’s not just a list of numbers and boasting, it’s an insight into the challenges and successes they have each faced. Following the links from the core article to each of the bloggers revenue reports offers a very insightful look at what they are doing, what is working and what hasn’t!

The amount of depth the bloggers go in to on each of their revenue reports is surprisingly detailed and honest! Covering areas such as what they have been working on, where they have invested their money, what has paid off and where their revenue has come from.

When new affiliates kick off, one of their most common – and rarely answered questions – is, how do other affiliates make their money. Reading these revenue reports and previous ones will certainly shed some light on that question!

Certainly worth a good read!

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