Online shopping during office hours


A great info graphic from our friends at While it is focused on the Australian market, I would imagine most of the data rings true for online shopping during office hours in most places around the world. It’s become so common place that people even have their purchases delivered to the office! A survey from 520 respondents living and working in Australia has shown that many office workers shop online because they are bored, and they don’t really think about or care about how the boss feels about it. Shopping at Work in Australia a survey by Guilt free shopping at Read More… Best in Affiliate Marketing


Each year the members of the ABW (A Best Web) forum get together to vote on a range of industry categories. The ABW poll for the 2013 best in affiliate marketing is up and running, this year there are eight categories to vote in as follows Best Affiliate Program in 2013 Best Affiliate Manager in 2013 Best OPM in 2013 Affiliate Tool in 2013 Affiliate Network in 2013 Favorite New ABW Member in 2013 2013 ABW Legend Award Best Network Rep in 2013 Voting ends on June 30th so you have a few days to review the nominations and place Read More…

15 Things to do before you launch an affiliate program


On the surface launching an affiliate program looks like one of the simplest and cheapest ways to get your brand out in front of consumers and buyers. After all how hard can it be? Sign up with one of many of the cheap affiliate networks ( or even for free on a revenue share only basis ) , add a script to your check out page, throw up a few banners, then sit back and let the sales roll in….and 14 or so years ago it was that easy, though cheap networks were rather rare at that time. Back to Read More…

Sports Picks and Handicappers in Affiliate Marketing


Sports Picks and Handicappers in Affiliate Marketing Sports Picks are one the most overlooked areas of sports in affiliate marketing. Event tickets, sports memorabilia, clothing and of course betting are vastly covered and yet Sports Picks, or Handicapping as it is also known, as remained a very quiet spot for affiliates. Into this space, one of the data giants of the sports industry have launched their sports picks affiliate program If you’ve never heard of, but follow sports then it’s guaranteed that you will have seen their data, as they provide the vast majority of statistical data for Read More…

Patronomy Crowd Funding Affiliate Programs


Patronomy Crowd Funding Platform. Patronomy has launched one of the first Affiliate Marketing Programs for Crowd Funding that goes beyond just the development of leads for projects. What’s the most important part of launching a Crowd Funding Campaign? Getting Backers for a project, connect with enough backers and you will succeed. So what’s the biggest challenge most project owners face? They simply don’t know, or can’t reach, enough people! Nigel Roth is the founder of and his Crowd Funding Platform has developed his platform with the core concept that Affiliate Marketing is at their main approach, to firstly to Read More…