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Some people really amaze me! They manage to create daily quality content for their blogs and web sites. While I, and I believe most other folks, generally feel pretty good if we add one or two new articles each week. Maybe one day I’ll hit the dizzy heights of something new and worth reading every day, but until then a couple a week is still good progress. So this week I thought I’d offer some help for anyone running a tech, PC or software focused blog with a few ideas on topics you could focus on for promoting iolo and the System Mechanic Software.

Listed in no particular order here are five ideas shared by James Nardell the iolo program manager, with a link to a related article for each topic;

1. What’s new in System Mechanic 12.5 Pro – You can’t go wrong writing about the what’s new in the latest release of system mechanic. Comparisons to previous versions and comparative software are always a popular read.

2. Keeping Your PC Hard Drive Fast and Healthy – An issue everyone runs into and is keen to resolve, articles on hard disk health and speed are always both helpful and topical.

3. The evolution of PC performance Infographic – This infographic presents a great look at how System Mechanic has been keep the average user up and running without having to run to a tech-savvy friend or support hot line on a regular basis. Multiple topics to focus on for a range of articles as well as the option presenting the graphic in your own words.

4. Dealing with Junk and Unused Software – Pretty much every PC bought nowadays comes clogged with a mass of software that the user will rarely use and perhaps not think about checking and removing what they don’t use, articles on how to check and remove unwanted software can be great guidance to a faster healthier PC.

5. Solid State Drives, what are they and how to care for them  – Everyone uses them, most people don’t think at all about how to care for them. Advice on how to look after SSDs is an area that is growing as more people invest in them and have more lying around.

For more ideas on topics to cover, check out the iolo UptoSpeed article data base, new content is added all the time

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