Baghaus Launched on ShareaSale


Launched just last Thursday on the ShareaSale Network, - AMWSO’s newest partnership with designer inspired handbag retailer,

We’re all very excited to be working with Baghaus, as the owner Jason has an excellent grasp on what affiliate marketing is, and is always open to recommendations. A fine demonstration of this followed a thread started by an affiliate over at ABestWeb regards potential leakages from the site. Jason understood the concerns raised by the knowledgeable folks at ABW and removed the offending items almost immediately. This is why I know we’ll all benefit from working with such a clued-up and open minded merchant ;-)

This program benefits from having two managers, Dave Oliver and myself Patrick Goodfellow, and we can be reached at

Dave, what don’t you chime in and let potential partners know why promoting Baghaus will be a financially sound idea….


Patrick Goodfellow