Asia Lead Generation

Asian Lead Generation.

After our success in the US market, it is natural that we have also turned our attention to the Asian online market. However Asia is a fractured market, working in multiple languages, currencies and levels of Internet penetration that make it the most complicated market to do business in, on or offline.

Unlike the US and most of Europe, E-Commerce is not as wide spread due to a range of issues that include :

  • Lack of trust in credit card processing security
  • Lack of firm laws to govern E-Commerce
  • Lack of interest in shopping online
  • Limited Access to Internet
  • Credit Card ownership
  • Controlled Access to the Internet
  • Foreign currency controls
  • Language Issues

The issues vary from country to country and while locations such as Korea and Japan suffer from none of these issues, other nations suffer from more than a few of these challenges.

At the same time however the opportunity to gather leads in these countries for direct marketing, market research or offline sales follow ups is constantly growing as more and more people come on line. Tapping into this growing Internet population can still be a challenge for firms based outside of Asia, or with no local language capability.

If your firm is interested in tapping into China and other Asian Markets, AMWSO has the contacts and expertise to help you make an immediate impact, setting up asia lead generation campaigns, managing local payments, offering tracking solutions and ensure your campaigns are promoted to the Asian markets that you want to reach.

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