And so into 2006.


On a radio interview with Haiko from ABW a few weeks back, I said that my preference for AMWSO was to see us actually get smaller, take on fewer clients but be able to support the affiliates of those clients at a far higher level than we do now, not that we do anything wrong now, just that I really believe we can still do much better if we had fewer clients.

So will we see that in 2006, doubtful in the present set up. We have a new CEO on board who is keen to expand the business and bring in more trainees to grow to take on new merchants. Growing from boutique to corporate…with all the corporateness that comes with that change.

OPMs, such as AMWSO, all have a core team of partners that we look to for support and sales for our merchants. People we hope will support every new merchant we bring along, but that’s asking an awful lot when you start to have 20 / 40 / 60… 100 clients. Affiliates only have so many hours in a day and they only have so many areas of interest.

Fortunately, a good part of our new CEO’s focus is outside of the USA and that means growing something new and fresh and building up a whole new team of partners that we can look to for support, feedback and sales. At least that’s my hope… It may be he wants to head down the road of mass production, in which case it may be that 2006 is a year of radical change for me and where I see myself.

As we launch into 2006 we’re also signing off on a few clients including United Shades and The Difference Maker, and replacing them we have a new selection of clients that all have solid programs, with great products and brands. These include Gaiam (lifestyle and health affiliate program) , FatHead (NFL Life Size Wall Posters) and WorldSpace (Satellite Radio Affiliate Progam) .

2006 is going to be another great year for affiliate marketing, make sure you’re getting the best support you can get to help you make the most of your time and investments!

Happy New Year!