AMWSO will be at Ecomexpo


EcomExpo starts on Tuesday and the AMWSO team will be represented in force. This year, AMWSO is a gold sponsor at Ecomexpo, and we will have our own booth. The booth will be staffed throughout regular business hours with all of the lead affiliate managers representing all of the AMWSO managed affiliate programs.

Ecomexpo is a great venue (virtual expo) to really talk about business and start to build relationships with companies and individuals. Of course it cannot completely replace the social aspects one gets at a real world conference, but since it’s virtual it really focuses the attention to specific business matters. A very good mix of disciplines will be represented, from affiliate marketing to SEO to lead generation and to contextual advertising. There will also be many presentation sessions on a variety of online business topics, which are all free during the Expo (October 9 through 11). Once the expo closes, one must pay for a pass to the Ecomexpo university to have access to the sessions and panels.

Whether you have a business selling goods and/or services looking for ways to promote online, or you’re a publisher / affiliate looking for new partners to promote or ways to monetize your site, Ecomexpo is well worth checking out. Also, please do stop by the AMWSO booth and say hi!