AMWSO Goes Audio


Yes we’ve gone audio, I was chatting to Shawn Collins about the new Affiliate TV site and got to thinking that while video is great, video also requires our undivided attention to watch and soak in, and with time being something that all of us are generally short of, it might be that Video for Affiliate marketing is still a little early, at least until I can multi task my eyes anyway.

So boosted into action by the thought that, while video requires our full attention, Audio just requires our ears, I’ve launched the AMWSO Pod Cast. Whoo Hoo! And now I’ll be getting all the wonderful AMWSO staff to join in and present their monthly/weekly updates, news, alerts, contests, support in Audio too!

Can’t wait to plug in…. here we go… and yes please do excuse my first attempt…. but I was eager to get rolling :-)

We’re also going to create Audi presentations for each of our programs, which you can listen to own line oe download as an MP3 to listen to at a later date.. Cool or what!

And in case you missed the first three links, please click here to subscribe to our PodCast!