AMWSO Affiliate Tools

AMWSO Affiliate Tools

AMWSO is working on a suite of affiliate tools aimed at making it easier for affiliate partners to work with merchant data. We’re aiming to resolve a range of issues and the first one we have focused on is “Getting the data clean.

Merchant data often contains a wide range of special characters, HTML, truncated HTML, hard returns and other symbols that can make it a real pain to work with. The results are pages that break as well as some serious database issues. To address this dreaded problem, AMWSO has created a ground-breaking affiliate tool, the “Data Cleaner” Application which hopefully will help everyone with these problems.

Version 2.83 of the Affiliate Data Cleaner Tool (Released Thursday, September 22, 2012) allows you to

  1. Import the data from Excel,CSV and TEXT files
  2. Select the fields to be cleaned
  3. Select the type of clean
  4. Select filters
  5. Create an export in Excel, CSV or TXT
  6. Save the export
  7. Ability to define custom rules for find/delete or find/replace
  8. Ability to edit the generated results directly within application.
  9. Ability to select the columns to export as well as specify the format of exported data
  10. Import Product Data from an XML source file. (no DTD needed)
  11. Export XML data to TXT/CSV format.
  12. Load data from local or remote Anonymous FTP / HTTP location.
  13. Load data from local or remote Secure FTP / HTTP location.
  14. Integrated RSS Affiliate Marketing News Feed
  15. Data Filter system that allows for custom slices of data.
  16. Auto detects the number of columns in TXT files.

Please note 1 : : When calling files from a remote location, you must use the full ‘real’ path, redirects will cause the load to fail.

Please note 2 : : When collecting data from secure locations, please use the system of adding the password and user name to the URL.

This is a 100% FREE Affiliate Marketing Tool and will always remain free. It is open to free distribution. As an affiliate, merchant, software site, etc you may send this software to whoever you like. You may not sell it, alter the code, reverse engineer, or re-brand it.