AMA 2007 … same time same place next year.


I was all very exciting at the AMA 2007 Vancouver last night as I managed to put yet more faces to more names, faces to Avatars, faces to voices and well you get the picture. My Third AMA event and certainly the largest of the three events with over 100 people coming in from all over Canada, the USA and the affiliate marketing power house nation of Thailand.

Speeches were kept short and sweet by the sponsors and then it was straight into diner and chatting. And just like last year, given 5+ hours to meet people I think I managed to spend time with only 20 folks… Better go for an all day event next year Ian… a day of skiing in Whistler followed by an evening of networking (for those that survive the cold) !

Anyway I blew my speech, while talking about what I call “The Pause” I suffered from “The Pause”. For those who are lucky enough not to suffer from this dreaded affliction I’ll explain… it comes at three levels

1. You see some one you are sure you know, online you’d have time to type “Hi” “how are you” and stumble through a good 2 minutes of text while your brain tries to remember who you are chatting with, but back in the real world you brain stops functioning for 2 minutes while your fingers search frantically for the key board to give itself time to remember who it is you’re chatting with.

2. You see some one you know and after the “Hi” you really feel you need to say something deep and meaningful, instead you manage to mumble “brb” and then realize that there is no where to go and sit there hoping they’ll fill the pause for you

3. While talking to a group of people you phase out as you brain starts to multi task and before you know it you’ve suffered from a lack of memory, stopped talking and that’s usually just as well because no one really had a clue what you were talking about.

…. yea nasty! I managed to suffer from it all last night :) Next year I’m taking my lap top and if anyone wants to chat they can message me on MSN :D

So anyway it was great to see, meet and chat with lots of great people (no I’m not going to list names else I’ll forget someone and that’ll cost me unending grief) , had a wonderful time and hope to see everyone (and more) again next year!