AMA 2007 : Canada Rules, when it’s not raining!


Yes Canada let me in again. And this time there wasn’t even a queue at the immigration section either. “Bonjour, have a nice stay..” of course then I got to the baggage collection way to fast and had to wait half an hour for my bags.

What i did notice during my brief passage through immigration was another case of superlative Canadian customer service. The the line over from me a family from Taiwan were discussing their visit to Canada with the immigration official. They spoke no English and she spoke not a word of Chinese, but through careful patient friendly sign language and pointing everything was sorted out and no one lost their temper or got the slightest bit excited… Yup, even at the gateway to the country those Canadian manners were in action.

Yesterday I made a valiant effort to buy some more RAM for my Sony Laptop, so dashed out into the streets to go shopping…and for the first time in 3 visits to Vancouver it was raining. I was ready for the cold, I was ready for snow, I was not ready for rain… it was icy cold and wet. That might sound like obvious, but back home rain is warm and you don’t notice being wet. I think my total shock at the rain being cold must have shown as people were giving me a wide berth in the streets. I’m not sure if it was the wild eyed panicked look of a man on the verge of freezing to death or the fact that I was clutching my laptop case to my chest as if my life depended on it, probably both…but I certainly got plenty of room… didn’t find my RAM either! Though the Sony shop was very apologetic and gave me directions to somewhere that might…if it’s not raining later today I’ll give it a shot. :)

Tonight we have small gathering of folks with Missy, Brian, Forrest, Brook, Alex and more getting together for a pre event huddle and a few cups ofreally hot chocolate!