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SalesNexus was founded by Craig Klein in 2002. Originally built as a web based version of the popular ACT! contact management software, SalesNexus was the first company to offer CRM online hosting of ACT! databases. While SalesNexus is still the only web based CRM software to allow you to transfer your entire ACT! database to the web, we’ve grown far beyond our ACT! beginnings. Today we provide online CRM and email marketing to thousands of sales teams all over the world. We’re different in that we recognize that one size fits all won’t work in the long run. You’re unique. Your business is unique and your customers are unique individuals. SalesNexus is focused on making it easy for you to tailor the solution to fit you, your business and your customers.

Affiliate Program Overview :

Welcome to the SalesNexus CRM Software Affiliate Program where you can offer your customers the best online CRM software and email marketing software rolled into one platform, and get paid per [qualified] lead!

  • High Conversion Rate. We convert your traffic! SalesNexus’s respected brand, high quality services, low prices and great customer service results in market-beating conversion rates.
  • High Commission Rate. We’ll pay you a $15 commission on every lead that you send us through the SalesNexus affiliate program.
  • 120 Day Cookie. The customers you refer to us don’t have to buy right away for you to profit.
  • Monthly Newsletter Support. As a SalesNexus affiliate you’ll receive an informative monthly email that’ll give you the tools/resources to better market our products.
  • Keyword Support for PPC Campaigns. SalesNexus offers affiliates full support for paid search campaigns. Email me for a full keyword list.
  • Parasite Free Program. As with all AMWSO managed programs the SalesNexus affiliate program is parasite free. And always will be.
  • High Quality Content. SalesNexus offers affiliates high quality content.

To download a presentation/sell sheet on the SalesNexus  CRM Software Affiliate Program, please click here.

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