RedCappi – Easy Email Marketing.

Website :

Sector and Product Focus : Email Marketing.
Channel : B2B Affiliate Marketing Program.

Sign Up Page : On ShareaSale

Program Features

  • Network: ShareaSale
  • Cookie Tracking (Return Days): 360
  • Commission : $50 per sale
  • Threshold : $0
  • Customer Actions : Unlimited within Cookie Tracking Period
  • Two Tier : No
  • Promotions / Tips and News : Latest Updates

Corporate Background:

What’s The Company About? – RedCappi is a hip and uncomplicated Los Angeles-based email marketing company offering easy and pocket-friendly do-it-yourself email marketing services, revolutionizing the way you do business. It’s email marketing stripped down to the basics. so simple, that even a baby can use it. We believe the future of email marketing and its overall growth & adoption will depend on making a platform that delivers useful simplicity right from the beginning and all the way through. Oh btw, we are passionate and love what we do.

Who’s Behind RedCappi? – From his dangerous crib in the Los Angeles jungle gym comes Cappi, a disillusioned diaper dealer. Of late, when spanked with the slowing of economy and decreasing sales, Cappi saw the need for his offline businesses to implement simple email marketing technology, in order to build relationships with clients that keep ‘um coming back. Cappi implemented email marketing, social media, and a website to help generate revenue. After struggling to find a company that integrated all these tools all in one place, the idea for RedCappi was born. Cappi promises his days of “monkey business” are behind him! Cappi is here to jumpstart your Email Marketing efforts and bottle-feed you along the way!

Affiliate Program Overview :

Here’s why partnering with RedCappi is a smart move…

1. High Conversion Rate. We convert your traffic! RedCappi’s respected brand, high quality service, low price point and great value results in a conversion rate that averages 2% across all earning affiliates. [Our top affiliates convert at over 5%.]

2. High Commission Rate. We’ll pay you a $50 bounty on every sale that you make through the RedCappi affiliate program.

3. Trusted Program Management. RedCappi’s affiliate program is run through the Linkshare network, and professionally managed by AMWSO.

4. 360 Day Cookie. The customers you refer to us don’t have to buy right away for you to profit. We have a 360 day tracking cookie so even if they return to our website and purchase months after visiting through your site we’ll still pay you.

5.Monthly Newsletter Support.As an RedCappi affiliate you’ll receive an informative monthly email that’ll give you the tools/resources to better market the RedCappi service. We’ll also keep you updated on; affiliate competitions, activation bonuses, program updates etc.