Patronomy Crowd Funding Affiliate Program

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Sector and Product Focus : Patronomy is a Crowd Funding platform focused on developing funding for projects through affiliate marketing as a core system of promoting projects to prospective backers.

  • Support project presentations
  • Support during campaigns
  • Free consulting on Projects
  • Free Guide on Projects
  • Support on delivery logistics

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 Program Features

Patronomy is a Crowd Funding platform with the key difference that Affiliate Marketing is at the core approach to how to drive projects to patronomy site and then pays Affiliates for bringing backers to those projects.

Patronomy provides Project Owners with far more support than other Crowd Funding platforms before launch, during campaigns, and in an ongoing long term partnership.  Patronomy believe in supporting project owners in all aspects of their business, from the first stages of project presentation through to the final stages of delivery logistics and ongoing sales.

By sending prospective project owners to Patronomy, you will not only earn a good commission, but also assist entrepreneurs in finding a better way to succeed with their dreams which will lead to profitable business for everyone.

Patronomy offers a baseline $25 USD per valid lead that you send to us.

Target Project Owners will be entrepreneurs with a solid business plan. They may be in any industry or location. Affiliates may want to target venture capital, inventors, accelerators, incubators, trade associations or angel groups.

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