EPPS – ISO standards Affiliate Program

EPPS – Helping companies and professionals with ISO standards and other frameworks

Website : http://www.epps.eu

Sector and Product Focus : Online training, tutorials and documentation for ISO Implementation.
Channel : B2B Affiliate Marketing Program.

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Program Features

Corporate Background :

EPPS specializes in managing websites that support companies during the implementation of various standards and frameworks. EPPS has grown to become the world’s top provider of online training, tutorials and documentation for ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 (information security and business continuity standards), and also manages websites related to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000 and ITIL. By creating industry-leading products, EPPS has acquired numerous clients in almost 100 countries worldwide.

Our mission

To provide online skills, knowledge and know-how for companies that want to comply with various frameworks, and for professionals working on such projects. We want to provide full implementation solutions to our customers, so that they gain the confidence to execute such projects via the Do-It-Yourself approach.

Affiliate Program Overview :

Welcome to the EPPS Affiliate Program where you can offer your customers the best ISO implementation solutions, and get paid for both qualified leads and sales!

  • High Conversion Rate. We convert your traffic! EPPS’s respected brand, high quality products, low prices and great customer service results in market-beating conversion rates.
  • High Commission Rate. We’ll pay you $5 on each and every qualified lead that you generate through the EPPS affiliate program, and 10% of every sale! [Our average orders are in the hundreds of dollars].
  • Trusted Program Management. EPPS’s affiliate program is run through Commission Junction and professionally managed by AMWSO.
  • 120 Day Cookie. The customers you refer to us don’t have to buy right away for you to profit. We have a 120 day tracking cookie so even if they return to our website and purchase months after visiting through your site we’ll still pay you.
  • Monthly Newsletter Support. As a EPPS affiliate you’ll receive an informative monthly email that’ll give you the tools/resources to better market our products. We’ll also keep you updated on; affiliate competitions, activation bonuses, program updates etc.
  • Keyword Support for PPC Campaigns. EPPS offers affiliates full support for paid search campaigns. Email me for a full keyword list.
  • Parasite Free Program. As with all AMWSO managed programs the EPPS affiliate program is parasite free. And always will be.
  • High Quality Content. EPPS offers affiliates high quality content that can be used for web and email marketing. Email me for more information

To download a presentation/sell sheet on the EPPS affiliate program, please click here.

Notes :

One issue that has been brought up repeatedly by potential EPPS affiliate partners is the misconception that ISO certification is something that’s just for large enterprises/the Fortune 1000. ISO certification is an extremely valuable tool for small businesses too. To give you some context, below are some details on our [current] customer base:

• 30% of our clients have 20 employees or less. [Some clients you can, literally, count their staff on one hand].
• EPPS works with all verticals. There’s no company that can’t use our service, and we have pretty much all verticals as past and current clients. That said, our top verticals are:
- The IT Industry [i.e. software developers, service providers, cloud, etc.].
- Consultants.
- Financial.
- Government agencies.
• At least 20% of all ISO certifications are for small businesses i.e. the 20 employee mark, or less. [Given that nearly 1.6 million ISO certificates were awarded in 2013, this should show the potential of the market for small businesses].

Further to the above, below are some reasons why small businesses need to seriously consider ISO certification.

1. ISO certification is a strategic decision for growing a small business.
2. ISO certification can help a small business:
• Achieve measurable improvements in business functions.
• Generate new business. [Many companies require their suppliers/contractors to have ISO certification(s)].
• Prepare for [significant] growth.
• Make a significant difference in customer satisfaction [due to improved systems/processes].
3. ISO certification doesn’t require huge volumes of documentation. Only 7 documents are required for small businesses i.e. the Quality Manual and the 6 required procedures. [I can send you more details on this if you wish].

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