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The Problem:

There is an alarming problem in the construction industry today. Construction is the backbone of our entire country – providing shelter, safety and jobs to the great people of the Unites States – yet is has the worst bankruptcy rate of any sector in the entire country. In fact, just 3% of Construction Companies are still in business after 10 years. Over 36.8% fail in the first year alone. Over 50% fail by year three.

The Solution: The Builders Network! We’re an order fulfillment company specializing in alleviating the headache and time spent on submitting orders and payments to multiple suppliers through our streamlined process that saves clients both time and money!

  • USP: “The Quickest and Easiest way to Purchase Building Materials at a Significant Discount”.
  • Prospects: DIY’ers, General Contractors, Architects, House Flippers.
  • User Cost: From free, through to $499 per month [for the “Enterprise” package].
  • Baseline Commission Rate: $5 per lead [Form-Fill] / $20 per lead [Pay Per Call] / 50% Membership Fees [first 2 months], 5% thereafter / 5% of all Processing Fees.


  • Users will make significant savings on their purchases i.e. around 10-20%, on average. [One user recently saved as much as $40k on a single, albeit large, order].
  • Users will save a lot of time when submitting orders and payments to multiple suppliers through the [online] streamlined process. [FYI BuilderPro can be accessed through tablets, laptops and desktops].
  • Orders range from $500 through to $100k+. [Please note that a significant part of the compensation could be the 5% of processing fees].
  • Builders Network have deals with all the major building materials suppliers including; The Home Depot, USG, CED, Bedrosians, White Cap, Pine Tree, CalPly, Pacific Sales etc.

Affiliate Program Overview :

Here’re a handful of reasons why you should work with us:

  • High Conversion Rate.

We convert your traffic! The Builders Network respected brand, high quality product catalog, low prices and great customer service results in market-beating conversion rates.

  • Solid Compensation Structure. $5 per lead [Form-Fill] / $20 per lead [Pay Per Call] / 50% Membership Fees [first 2 months], 5% thereafter / 5% of all Processing Fees [for the lifetime of the customer]. Please note: When you refer a prospect that turns into a customer, we will pay you a commission on their ongoing Membership Fees, and Processing Fees, in perpetuity! Given that the average Builder’s Network customer spends at least $10k per month through the platform, this means that the potential long term payout for each customer you bring in could be significant. [Your referred prospects will be tagged with your CJ PID, so other affiliates cannot 'poach' them, or their transactions, once they have signed up for an account through the Builders Network platform].
  • Trusted Program Management.

The Builders Network’s affiliate program is run through the CJ network and professionally managed by AMWSO.

  • 120 Day Cookie.

The customers you refer to us don’t have to complete the lead submission form right away for you to profit. We have a 120 day tracking cookie so even if they return to our website, and complete the form weeks after visiting through your website/blog/landing page, we’ll still pay you.

  • Monthly Newsletter Support.

As a Builders Network affiliate you’ll receive an informative monthly email that’ll give you the tools/resources to better market our products and services. We’ll also keep you updated on; affiliate competitions, activation bonuses, program updates etc.

  • Keyword Support for PPC Campaigns.

The Builders Network offers affiliates full support for paid search campaigns. Email me for a full keyword list and all the tools you’ll need to implement a successful [and most importantly profitable] campaign.

  • Parasite Free Program.

As with all AMWSO managed programs The Builders Network affiliate program is parasite free. And always will be.

  • High Quality Content.

The Builders Network offers affiliates high-quality content that can be used for Web and Email Marketing. Email me for more information

To download a presentation/sell sheet on the Builders Network affiliate program, please click here.

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