8. Use the Affiliate Manager

Most affiliate programs are managed by an affiliate manager. The job of the affiliate manager is two fold

  1. To help you make money.
  2. To drive profitable sales for the merchant.

The affiliate manager is a gold mine of information. Make sure you tap into that gold mine to get as much info as you need. Good questions to ask the affiliate manager are:

  • What are your best sellers
  • Are your sales seasonal and if so what sells best when
  • Do you have content and images I can use for my site
  • What special promotions do you have
  • What target can I reach to get a commission boost

Get to know your affiliate manager, meet up with him/her, chat on the phone, on Net messangers, forums and so forth every chance you get and learn everything you can from them.

Table of Contents:

  1. Choose your focus
  2. Selecting your Keywords
  3. Selecting your merchants and affiliate programs
  4. Designing your site and developing content
  5. Promoting your site
  6. 10 ways to increase your affiliate site’s usability and search engine rankings
  7. Linking up with your merchants
  8. Use the Affiliate Manager
  9. How and Where to learn more about Affiliate Marketing
  10. Affiliate Tools