2. Selecting Your Keywords

Unless you intend to pay to promote your site, you should focus your efforts on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and building up quality links to similar sites. To get an idea of the relationships between search engines and how these relationships change, it is a good idea to check out Bruce Clay’s search engine relationship chart on a regular basis.

What is a keyword?

Keywords are the popular (or targeted) words and phrases that are used by Internet users on search engines (Yahoo, MSN) to find web sites about the topics they are searching for.

When you build a web site you need to ensure that you use popular keywords within the below areas:

  • site title;
  • page descriptions and meta tags;
  • keyword meta tags
  • image alt tags
  • headers and sub headers, and
  • the content itself.

One of the more powerful tools for finding keywords can be found at a site called Word Tracker : http://www.wordtracker.com.

Optimizing your site to be among the top sites returned for a given search term is what search optimization is all about. It’s without a doubt you have heard all about SEO and just how important it is for a site. SEO is a term used by the Internet marketing community to refer to a series of steps needed for a site to appear within the top rankings on popular search portals like Google, Yahoo, and Ask.com.

In essence your site is like a brick and mortar store. Let’s look at this more closely. Your friendly neighborhood store tries to attract as many visitors as possible to shop at their store. They know that the more people they have come through their doors, the higher the likelihood of the store to make a sale. It is all based on numbers and ratios.

Your site has the same purpose. The more people your site is able to attract, the greater the chances are of you selling whatever you’re selling on your site. One of the cheapest and best ways to get people to your site (store) is by ranking high in the various search engines. The best way of doing this is by fully utilizing SEO proven methods.

Where is your site right now in the search engines? If you’re in the top-10 listings for your targeted keywords then you deserve some congratulations. If you’re not within the first 3 pages of listings, then the tips below are exactly what you need to get a better ranking. You’ll find out about the various things that can be done to improve your site’s ranking (see a later section for 10 solid tips).

Table of Contents:

  1. Choose your focus
  2. Selecting your Keywords
  3. Selecting your merchants and affiliate programs
  4. Designing your site and developing content
  5. Promoting your site
  6. 10 ways to increase your affiliate site’s usability and search engine rankings
  7. Linking up with your merchants
  8. Use the Affiliate Manager
  9. How and Where to learn more about Affiliate Marketing
  10. Affiliate Tools