4. Designing your affiliate site and Developing Content

Firstly, if you don’t know HTML don’t panic. There are a lot of basic HTML editors around that offer a lot of visual help in designing a site. Secondly, get a book on HTML. Nothing complicated, maybe a “Dummies Guide” book would be perfect.

Design your first site to promote the three merchants you have selected and incorporate 6 to 10 product pages promoting a similar product from each of the three merchants.

The site structure you are aiming for are along these lines:

  • Home Page
    • About Merchant A
    • About Merchant B
    • About Merchant C
      • Info about Product Group 1
      • Info about Product Group 2
      • Info about Product Group 3
      • Info about Product Group 4
      • Info about Product Group 5
      • Info about Product Group 6
        • Info About Product 1
        • Info About Product 2
        • Info About Product 3
    • Articles
      • Article A
      • Article B
      • Article C
    • Link to Us
    • Site Map (links to every page)

All of the pages should provide easy access to the other related pages from the navigation and from links within the content.

For example, the home page should have links to the merchant pages and product group pages. The merchant page will have links to all other merchant pages, the home page, and all product groups and the about product pages for their products.

The Product Group pages will link to all related pages and likewise for the about product pages.

Build a heavily nested site where every page has numerous in and out links within the site.

Each page should have relevant content, written by you, focused on your keywords and the products you have selected that match your keywords. Aim for 150 to 300 word articles for each page. There are different theories on how many times and how a keyword should appear. This varies all the time so check with a mentor or affiliate manager during the building of your pages.

As you build up you site, add content and images. We highly recommend that you DO NOTadd affiliate links or banners immediately.

Why Not?

We recommend against this because there are a range of locations where you will want to get your site listed where affiliate links are frowned upon. (Dmoz.org and Zeal.com for example).

Table of Contents:

  1. Choose your focus
  2. Selecting your Keywords
  3. Selecting your merchants and affiliate programs
  4. Designing your site and developing content
  5. Promoting your site
  6. 10 ways to increase your affiliate site’s usability and search engine rankings
  7. Linking up with your merchants
  8. Use the Affiliate Manager
  9. How and Where to learn more about Affiliate Marketing
  10. Affiliate Tools