10. Affiliate Marketing Tools.

If you already have a site and want to add to it or if you’re just starting a site and need some new ideas, the following tools can help you in a range of ways:

Product Link Generator : Developed by AMWSO to support our in-house clients, this system allows you to easily create multiple product pages. Please note though, that we don’t recommend you use these pages as the only content on your site, but as secondary pages to send your visitors to, or fill in product gaps on your sites.

Product Showcase Creator : Developed by Akiva Bergstrom. The PSC supports a wide range of merchants and allows you to generate product pages very quickly. However, as above, we don’t recommend you use these pages as the only content on your site. Rather, you should use them as secondary pages to send your visitors to for filling in product gaps on your sites.

Affiliate Coupon Data Feed System : If you want to promote affilate coupons codes on your site then this is the place to get them. Designed to provide coupon data in a standardized format, the Coupon Data Feed system provides live exports of coupon data to ensure your site always has the correct coupons displayed.

Coupon Feeder : Offering a very similar service as the above Coupon Data Feed System but with a slightly different tool set and style, try both and select the one you prefer!

Wordtracker One of the more powerful tools for finding keywords, tracking and generating lists of keywords.

Affiliate Data Cleaner : A free tool that allows affiliates to clean up merchant datafeeds of unwanted HTML, special characters, hidden carriage returns and other junk that can create havoc in data.

Table of Contents:

  1. Choose your focus
  2. Selecting your Keywords
  3. Selecting your merchants and affiliate programs
  4. Designing your site and developing content
  5. Promoting your site
  6. 10 ways to increase your affiliate site’s usability and search engine rankings
  7. Linking up with your merchants
  8. Use the Affiliate Manager
  9. How and Where to learn more about Affiliate Marketing
  10. Affiliate Tools