Affiliate Sales Tools Galore for Overstock Jeweler


Hi Everyone,

I’m Allen Miller, the Affiliate Evangelist for OverstockJeweler.Com, a rock-solid, high converting designer inspired jewelry merchant running on the ShareASale network.

We have some great sales tools for affiliates to use on your websites including a new search function page enabled with queries for collection, by stone color, by motif and material here: Overstock Jeweler Search

Kicking things up another notch for partners, we have an Overstock Jeweler Celebrity Blog, where affiliates can grab the content they need to supplement their text, banner and product links for PROMOTING and CONVERTING our fabulous selection of designer inspired jewelry.

Moreover, we have new “Stainless Steel Watches” creative available in a wide range of sizes to fulfill your banner promotion needs.

Also available is a customizable HTML email with built-in 10% discount coupon code for our “New Arrivals” collection that affiliates can quickly customize with their USERID using a simple “Find and Replace” function, available in any text editor. In addition, we can alter the coupon code image, and provide you with a custom coupon code to market on your website.

The current 10% discount coupon code NEW10 is valid through October 31st,2006 and applies to all new arrival products.

Rounding things up, we have a $50 first sale bonus for any new partner that signs up the Overstock Jeweler Affiliate Program and mentions the title of this post “Affiliate Sales Tools Galore” in an email to me here.