October Affiliate Program Bonus Offers


It’s been a while since we looked at what bonus and incentives are on offer from the affiliate programs that AMWSO works on, so please find below information on a couple of offers, we’ll be posting more as we move further into the fourth quarter.

  • GreatSkin : First Sale Bonus. $10 paid on your first sale as a new affiliate partner.
  • Digestinol :: First and Second Sale Bonus : $20 paid on your first and second  sales as a new affiliate partner.
  • Iolo :: Want to earn a one year license to System Mechanic 14 Pro [a bundle of all of iolo's software titles] worth $69.95? All you need to do is sell 1 copy of any iolo title before December 31, 2014. The send James an email with the Order ID of the transaction that you referred, and he’ll send you a license key to System Mechanic 14 Pro via email with instructions on how to activate it.
  • EachBuyer ::  Whatever your final sales were in Sept, if you get at least 2 more sales in October (and let Dave know), we’ll boost your commission by 2% for November. If you get at least 6 more sales, we’ll boost it by 3%!
      • - +2% Commission Boost for 2 or more sales above September sales total in October.
      • - +3% Commission Boost for 6 or more sales above September sales total in October.

We’ll have updates and new Affiliate Program Bonus information for Each Buyer, Art of Tea and more coming later this month.