Affiliate Marketing, the only equal opportunities employer


It occurred to me the other day that affiliate marketing offers the opportunity to make money to everyone who wants to try. Yes you’ve heard that before, but think of it like this. In the offline world, when a person walks in for an interview for a sales job (or any job) , the person doing the interview already has an idea of the kind of person they want to hire, based on their own preconceptions or prejudice , or based on the target market they are looking to sell to.

Regardless of qualification a person can fail to get the job, based not on how good they are, but on a companies personnel preferences or dislikes. Sure most Western firms have rules on how they advertise jobs and how they say they hire people, but do they really follow those rules/laws once the interview process is in action? I doubt it.

On another front how many companies will take on a total novice to be a sales or marketing person for them… and let them market other companies products at the same time!

Affiliate marketing is the only business that I know where a person regardless of education, experience, race, location, physical condition, personal habits or fashion sense (or lack of) can get right to work with some of the top companies around the world and be looked upon with respect for their results, not who they happen to be!

If anyone knows another business that is truly an equal opportunity to everyone, then I’ve yet to hear about it.