Affiliate Marketing Tag – Five Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About Chris Sanderson


I’ve been tagged in an on going round the Internet game of Affiliate Marketing Tag. And by the nature of the game I have to cough up 5 deep dark secrets… for some one who is presently not allowed to enter the USA (not a secret to most) I guess I’m going to have to dig deep to find something pretty thrilling here…. Hmmmm okay

1. As well as being blocked from entering the USA, I have been arrested in Iran. That involved a camera, a bus, a camel, a pick up truck, a police station and lots of very excited folks waving guns.

2. On top of the USA not been keen on me crossing the border I’ve also been rejected from entry into Zimbabwe. Something to do with a comment I made about their Visa on Entry form… lesson learnt…just do what the form says!

3. I spent 4 years working for an organization called Tvind. They were at one time listed on the FBI site as a cult. It was a great experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent working with Tvind and the things I accomplished with them. Which included working with Kids in Social care in the UK , working in Africa (Zambia) and working with students from Mozambique in Denmark.

4. One of my present aims is to become a fully qualified Professional Football (Soccer) referee, through the Football Association of Singapore.

5. When I was young I had very high cheek bones (still do but less pronounced now) and so at school aged 11 through 16 my nick name was “Cat Eyes”. Initially started as a way to wind me up, but eventually sticking and even my Mum called me “Cat Eyes” once…!!!

So with that I need to tag 5 more people, I could tag a bunch of my own staff but I think that’d be cheating :)

So I’m going to reach our across the waves and tag a few other International folks. Geno - AM Navigator (Russia) : TR - Darwin Marketing (China) : Stefan Janssens Yes Asia (Hong Kong) : Susan Arts - ShareResults(Canada) and Jeff Molander (USA)

The tags leading to me passed through the a great chain of Affiliate Marketing luminaries which included Linda Buquet (who tagged me) who was tagged by, Anik Singal who was tagged by Rosalind Gardner, who was tagged by Jeremy Palmer, who was tagged by Scott Jangro, who was tagged by Shawn Collins.