Affiliate Marketing Ideas for Merchants


The year might have started but it’s never too late to look at new ideas and tips on ways to improve your affiliate program. So here are a selection of ideas from the AMWSO team that we believe you’ll find interesting and useful.

Customer Feedback :: Customers can provide a never ending supply of useful information, not only about your own site, but about sites they like that may be related to your site. Doing a survey that includes questions regarding your customers other favorite sites, especially those related to your business in some way, can provide you with a range of potential link partners and also potential affiliate partners to approach. You could event segment the questions into asking which are their preferred blog, discount and news sites and so forth so that you get a nice spread of targeted information that you can prioritize.

Constantly Optimize your Landing Pages : Everyone knows they need landing pages. We all create various pages, test them, see which one converts the best for a given product or type of traffic, load it up and then more often than not we don’t ever revisit that page. Landing pages do need constant attention to ensure they are doing the best they can. As your products, pages and promotions change, so will the effectiveness of your landing pages. Make sure to constantly review the conversion rate of the pages you have created, that are getting traffic, and optimize them on a frequent basis.

Share Your Marketing Schedule : When launching a new product, it can often be a case of keeping that product information under wraps until the very last second seems like a great idea, surprise the consumer with the new release. However by doing so, you may also surprise all your marketing partners, leaving them presenting content that is suddenly out of date which can lead to consumer confusion and conversion issues. Make sure that your key link, affiliate and marketing partners are all up to date on your product changes before you announce them. This will allow them to make the changes to their site in a timely fashion, on a fixed schedule even, rather than them playing catch up after the fact!

Work Closely with your Coupon Partners : Love them or hate them, coupon, rebate and deal sites are not going away. A lot of the time it comes down to cherry picking the coupon partners you want to work with and then making the best possible use of them that you can. Keeping the select group of coupon partners you work with pretty small and ensuring they are well supported. One area that we have found to be very handy in pushing up conversion rates is by having a co-branded or dedicated landing page for each of tour deal / coupon partners. Promote the fact that they are one of your select partners and ensure that customers coming from their site feel the connection between them and your site.

Track your Competitors : It can be easy to sit back and rely on the Network data for all your affiliate results, however that data might not be telling you the whole story. It might look great that an affiliate is sending you 1000 clicks a day and has a conversion rate of 3%, but could they be doing better, and what are they doing for your competitors. Each week it can be very handy to review your top affiliate partners and see where your brand stands on their sites, especially if they provide ranking reports or reviews that list your products side by side with competitors. Suddenly 1000 clicks a day might not seem so great if you’re ranked 4th….you’ll be wondering what the product ranked 1st is getting in traffic! You’ll also want to keep an eye on changes in ranking so that you can reach out to your partners very quickly if things change. Partners doing honest reviews can provide you with some great feedback on your product web site and customer service!

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