How Affiliate Marketing Delivers Better Results Than Other Mediums

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A common challenge for some businesses is finding new customers. One solution is to invest heavily in online marketing services including SEO, PPC, and social media. But a better option exists that most business owners tend to overlook.

Affiliate programs.

Whether you sell services to a local area or a line of premium products to a global market, a professionally managed affiliate program is a smart investment to grow your bottom line. Recruiting affiliates can help your business:

  • Sell more products and / or targeted leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Grow a newsletter
  • Announce new specials
  • Launch new offers

Affiliates are able to sign up for your program and promote your business. Commissions are only paid out when a transaction is made. This means you can have hundreds, even thousands of affiliates working around the clock to market your products and services.

Getting started is the easy part.

And there are numerous tools available online where you can work with affiliates and track earnings. Most e-commerce platforms now offer these features that make it almost effortless to set up an affiliate program.

But this is still no guarantee for success.

Hiring an affiliate management company is where you can really take your business to the next level, more so than other online mediums. The key to running a successful program requires an integrated approach that brings everything together.

Why Affiliate Program Management Services?

Most companies lack the necessary skills to grow their business. And this is particularly true when it comes to marketing. Creating an affiliate program is only the first step. It requires carefully planning and a detailed marketing strategy to be successful.

Affiliate program management services can benefit your company more than other mediums for the following reasons.

Increased Reach

The problem with certain forms of online marketing is they can be restrictive. They are often specific to only one medium so their reach is limited.

  • SEO focuses on search engines
  • Social media focuses on Facebook or Twitter
  • PPC focuses on Google AdWords

These online mediums are still effective for generating targeted traffic and increasing sales. But investing in affiliate management can drastically increase your reach. Affiliates can leverage their own website or start their own marketing campaigns using different mediums.

The difference is huge and can ultimately mean more to your bottom line.

Consistent Marketing

Marketing requires an ongoing investment to be successful. The downside with PPC and SEO marketing is the immediate impact it has on traffic when campaigns are stopped. This may not necessarily be a problem if the campaigns are profitable but it means additional resources are needed.

Affiliate programs essentially deliver consistent marketing.

Your affiliates will continue to market your products and services, even if you pause other online marketing campaigns. But developing a strategic plan for the affiliate program is essential. An affiliate management company will be able to:

  • Leverage existing relationships to recruit affiliates
  • Develop a support site for affiliates
  • Work directly with the affiliate network
  • Suggest improvements to the campaign
  • Implement promotions and incentives
  • Conduct conversion analysis

Unless you have a dedicated marketing team, completing these steps requires a substantial investment in time and resources. But the investment in affiliate management services can far outweigh other online mediums and is worth evaluating carefully.