Affiliate Marketing Can Answer Consumer Online Ad Blindness


E-Consultancy reports on a Deloitte & Touche survey backing up what most of us already know, consumers are looking to avoid on-line advertisements. Blogs, online videos, social sites are all gaining users daily, and new users are becoming more adapt at training themselves to avoid advertisements as numerous eye-tracking studies have shown. Users have gone so far as to install ad-blocking software. Some of the highest rated and most popular add-ons for the Firefox browser include ad blocking modules.

Each quarter, business world publications release a slew of studies and surveys showing ad spending via the Internet is rising dramatically. More people are getting comfortable with using the Internet to make purchases and review and get information about products. Sure, if you’re Coke or GM, slapping up banner ads on a cost per impression (CPM) basis makes sense. Their primary focus is to implant their brand in your minds, but if you’re in the business of SELLING your merchandise via a website, an affiliate program is a vital tool for success.

Affiliate programs allow your affiliate partners to talk about your products, put text links right in front of their site visitors, and find other creative means for promoting your brand and products. Text links usually convert at a much higher rate than banners, and part of the reason is due to the inherent flexibility permitted with promoting a text link.

Relying on search pay per click is a great advertising tool, but to have a full Internet marketing arsenal an advertiser must also have affiliate partners. As users become more savvy searchers, the natural tendency is going to be to ignore those paid ads to the left and right of search results. Keep in mind; those users who are most comfortable with making purchases now, ARE already ad savvy. Build an affiliate program with high quality affiliates adding value to the sales process, and this could have an equal impact on sales as the pay per click efforts.

An affiliate program is one of the most efficient and cost-effective means for acquiring customers, provided that the program is not on auto-pilot. Manage the program effectively, keeping out parasites, BHO domain targeting, and effectively managing trademark bidders are part of the success formula for having a hugely profitable affiliate program. AMWSO affiliate program services can help you create a cost-effective, vibrant affiliate program that works in concert with other online marketing efforts.