Affiliate Marketing Books

Affiliate Marketing Books

There are a lot of affiliate marketing books around that make a wide range of outrageous claims as to how fast and how easily they can make you a lot of money through affiliate marketing. The reality is that there is no quick way to serious “consistent” revenue, it takes hard work, discipline and patience.

I’ve spoken to a few people who have written books about being successful in affiliate marketing and read the ones by people who do have some valuable lessons to pass on, but of all them two courses stand head and shoulders above the rest, not only in terms of how successful they are, but also how successful their students have become and what an all round great people they are too. They are of course James Martell and Ken Evoy.

Also now for affiliate managers and merchants, a new book published in 2011, Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day by Evgenii Prussakov, is an invaluable resource and definitely worth investing in.

James Martell

James Martell runs his School of Internet Marketing and the Affiliate Marketers audio “buzz”.

  • James Martell’s School of Internet Marketing - Get and stay on track with weekly video lessons and written transcripts, homework assignments, weekly live Q and A sessions, audio interviews with experts from the affiliate marketing industry and an interactive chat forum where you can interact with other successful BootCamp members. Click here to read more about the School of Internet Marketing, and get free access for one month
  • James Martell’s Affiliate Buzz – Listen twice a month as James Martell talks about the “ups” and “downs” of affiliate marketing. Click here to get some free sound bites from this affiliate marketing audio “buzz” files.

Ken Evoy

Ken Evoy produces the outstanding Site Build It! Affiliate Marketing system. Site Build It! is similar to James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers Handbook in many key ways. Such as the focus on content and the rush to instant monetization and the need for the sites that are built to have a clear focus on a particular niche or product set. Not trying to be everyone’s solution to everything. The other key area that both Affiliate Marketing Books agree on is that it’s down to hard work, you need to work to succeed, there is no easy route to quick money through affiliate marketing any more.

If you’re not sure about investing in the SBI! system right off the bat then try the completely free Affiliate Masters Course first. In itself this is an excellent course to learn from and is also a great introduction to SBI. You can learn more about the Affiliate Masters Course here.

Another very important book from Ken Evoy is Make Your Content PREsell. This is an area that is still hugely over looked by most affiliates who take short cuts to eject traffic from their site to a merchants site as fast as possible. By doing so they fail to take the time to educate and PREsell the consumer on the products you are promoting (and want them to buy). Writing good PREsell content can drive a far higher conversion rate, don’t just rely on your merchant partners to make the sale, help drive that sale! Contact us to get this book completely free.

Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov

Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day  was written to be an indispensable handbook for all affiliate managers and merchants, alike. In addition to providing concrete, practical answers to common (as well as not-so-common) questions, the book gives usable ideas on promoting your affiliate program, along with ways to keep your affiliates motivated. This one-of-a-kind guide presents the author’s information in a logical, convenient format. It is one that you definitely need if you are serious about your affiliate program – be it new or already established. The reviews speak for themselves.