Affiliate Manager Training Heats Up


Affiliate training has been done, done again, gone through several versions, been rehashed, packaged, filmed, podcast and generally done to death….so it looks like Affiliate Manager Training is the next training course on the menu.

Shawn Collin’s BootCamp has been wrapped up but he’s out his voice and support behind a new Affiliate Manager Training series (pictured left) by Anik Singal, I’ve not yet got my copy to review, but so far I hear good things about it and I’ll post more once I actually have it in hand.

The official launch date for this new course is slated for June 27th.

For merchants and affiliate managers looking for face to face training then Andy Rodriguez runs his AMC course, the next one is down in Chicago (August 20 to 22) .

I’ve not attended this course myself but again I hear very good things about the course.