Affiliate Management Days

Affiliate Management Days

Since Geno kicked off his Affiliate Management Days events an ever increasing cast of experts have lined up to help new affiliate managers get to grips with the Industry.

The Affiliate Management Days San Francisco 2015 is certainly aiming to keep that going with an impressive roll call of experts in a range of fields. The event will focus on a range of topics including but not limited to;

  • Affiliate recruitment techniques
  • Communication with affiliates
  • Affiliate marketing analytics
  • Affiliate marketing fraud
  • Role of affiliate networks
  • Landing page & conversion optimization
  • Compliance policing & enforcement
  • Legislative issues & challenges
  • Mobile and affiliate marketing
  • Tracking & multi-channel attribution

If you’re new to the affiliate marketing industry or just looking to refresh what you know, then time spent at Affiliate Management Days is time well invested in your business. There will also be chance to grab some personal time with the panel of experts that are present in between sessions and at the evening reception. Many of the presenters have been in the affiliate marketing industry from the very early days, they have seen and experienced a lot of change, and you will be able to benefit from their vast experience.  A chance to throw your ideas at them and get their professional opinion, on what can, or may not work, and how you can make your ideas better.

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