Crossing the Line

I’m often asked by people “Why don’t you make a network?” and “Why don’t you be an affiliate and promote your own clients more?” and certainly we have considered it, but it always comes down to a key issue : conflict of interest. And I’m sure we could boost our revenue rather nicely if we started playing all side of the business, but at the same time we very well may destroy our trust amongst our affiliate partners. Firms such as Pepper Jam have progressed through the business from merchant, to affiliate, to affiliate managers to Network. The mixed reviews and Read More…

Innovation in Affiliate Marketing

AMWSO is very proud to have been short listed in the category for Innovation in Affiliate Marketing in the E-consultancy’s Innovation Awards 2008. The other firms short listed certainly make it a short list worth being on withthe full short list being : TradeDoubler AMWSO Co Ltd Essence Media Digital Window The winners of the award will be announced on December 2nd, by a panel of judges that come from a top tier selection of firms that include the BBC, Apple, Orange, Target Marketing, Whatif!, Internet Retailing, Dyson and Google. Congratulations to all the firms shortlisted.