OverstockJeweler.Com Christmas Sale

Hi Everyone, The Overstock Jeweler Christmas Sale is now live and here is a coupon code to get your commissions rising fast this holiday! Coupon Code: XMAS Valid Through: December 31st, 2006 Details: 10% off all products Please don’t forget! We are paying $50 cash bonus this Christmas for every affiliate that generates $1,000 or more during the month of December. Happy Holidays, Allen

Current Coupons for GreatSkin.com

Hey All – a quick post for those of you interested in marketing skin care products. Login to Linkshare for the 2 GreatSkin.com hottest coupons: HOLIDAY15: 15 percent off bestsellers – ends Jan 31st – text and banners link to [url]http://www.greatskin.com/offers/6holiday15.html[/url] CHRISTMAS15: 15 percent off bestsellers – ends Jan 31st – text and banners link to [url]http://www.greatskin.com/offers/6holiday.html[/url] William H-W william@greatskin.com + (323) 284-5391 (California Office)

Emitations and AMWSO help you stay on top of changing trends.

Now that the Holiday Season is here, as an affiliate you need to keep on top of countless merchant promotions, sales, coupon and one day specials etc… So much work and so little time! Well here at www.amwso.net we try to ease the pressure for our affiliates and create tools that take some of the work out of ‘keeping on top’. Hollywood trends change so fast that as the affiliate manager of Emiations.com I often don’t have enough time to let you know about our amazing offers that come and go every few days. To get around this problem, for Read More…

Thanksgiving for Affiliates! 50% Commission for Gift Certificate Sales

Hi Everyone, I’m Allen Miller, the Uber Affiliate Manager for most certainly this holiday season’s runaway hit, BagBorrowOrSteal.Com, a designer handbag and jewelry merchant running on the Linkshare network. Wow, do we have a sensational offer for our Linkshare partners this Thanksgiving! From now until November 30th 2006, all Gift Certificate sales will enjoy a whopping 50% commission. Now that’s some serious money-making opportunity! Knock, Knock! Allied with our $40 premium commission per converted membership for qualified affiliates, fabulous new banner creative and flexible PPC bidding policy, Bag Borrow or Steal is one merchant you want to give prime placement to Read More…